"I have always wanted to learn the Guitar so I can contribute to Church performances. Fortunately, I was introduced to Singapore Guitar Hub and I was able to find a guitar teacher easily and started lessons just one week after I submitted a request. Thumbs up for the quick service!"

-Wei Jun, Student

"My son has always wanted to learn the guitar even though we are already sending him for piano lessons. Thanks to Singapore Guitar Hub, we were able to find a home guitar teacher for him so he can learn leisurely at his own pace. Thanks Jaden for being there throughout this whole process and clearing my doubts!"

-Ritu, Parent of Student

"I first knew about Singapore Guitar Hub because I had previously found a piano teacher from Singapore Piano Hub. I knew I could trust their service again and true enough I'm happy again this time!"

-Yvonne Koh, Student

"I must say that the service is really quite comprehensive. All the important information like rates, teaching experience and qualifications are all clearly presented in the email reply to me. It really helped me choose my guitar teacher in a very informed manner."

-Marc, Student

"What I like the most about the service is that its completely free! I only had to pay the lesson fees which I paid directly to my teacher after the lessons. Thanks Jaden and team!"

-Jie, Student